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An infinite loop of stairs that never ends.
A GZ in the skies of the unknown.
Archive of Galleries by UKBigFoot
A Windows NT-themed skin for WorldsPlayer.
Archive of Photographics by limey
An unreleased default world by Worlds Inc based on the series Beyond Reality.
AFK icon perfect for Valentine's Day
Removes the DNS lookup Worlds uses for URLs.
Newbie join asking for a cult? Perhaps it's a broken record in chat again? Dob your card and try and get yourself a bingo!
A recreation of the complete map of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (FNAF 1).
Archive of Fizz Inn by Fizz
Archive of TimeQuake by Num_Lock
An easy to use tool for organizing and modifying WorldsPlayer avatar and worldsmark files outside of the client.
A skin based on windows 98 windows but with happy faces included.
Journey into the realm of Crabicus, and speak to the Crab God himself.