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"Removes the DNS lookup Worlds uses for URLs."
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ID: 47
Added: 8 months ago
Updated: 8 months ago


Before now, a webserver needed to broadcast on it's own IPv4 for WorldsPlayer to support streaming from this. This is because WorldsPlayer internally does a DNS lookup on the hostname of whatever URL you slap into it. So turns into, and not all webservers broadcast from their IP addresses.
This mod removes all DNS lookups that the client tries to do, and accepts the hostname for what it is, completely removing the restriction requiring a webserver with it's own IPv4.
PLEASE NOTE: It's still recommended to use a webserver with it's own IPv4, or else users without this mod won't be able to teleport to it.

WorldsPlayer 1890 or newer
Java 1.4 or newer
IE 8.0 or newer

I have an entire guide on my WormSite on how to install mods on both 1890/1900 and 1920+ clients here.

  • Worlds hosted on Worlio usually require being under in order to work. With this mod, you can shorten it to your own WormSite domain
  • The Wayback Machine still supports HTTP, so utilizing archived Worlds, one can teleport to an older revision or an archived world without issue. (Just teleport to yourself!)
  • Some webhosting providers do not provide users with their own individual IPv4. While it would limit the client support, this mod will work with such hosts regardless.

Let me know if you have any problems. URLs still must be HTTP (and not HTTPS).


Download: ZIP


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