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Movie Ground Zero (Seattle GZ)

"The theatre for DrFrasierCrane's weekly Movie Night event"
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The theatre for DrFrasierCrane's weekly Movie Night event wants to make you feel cozy and nostalgic while chatting with buds.
This world was created as my first project. It kinda got away from me. I still have so much to do that I haven't gotten around to, like a real approximation of Frasier's apartment in the TV show. Same thing with the movie posters -- initially they were changed out every week but I got too tired to keep that up. Maybe I'll get to it all soon though

As a ground zero, its reception is a giant square using columns and textures akin to Seattle's real life Pike Place Market. Though this one isn't near a port, I put it near the Space Needle, a coffee shop (no Starbux tho), a movie theatre (Cranelane Cinema), a flower shop (featuring a celebrity), a parking garage (check with the parking attendant whether you're allowed in there), and KACL-AM radio (featuring your favorite radio host psychologist) just to make it feel like Seattle. That being said, the flower shop was designed after the one seen in Tommy Wiseau's The Room. The parking garage sports a real clock that displays time in GMT and EST. You can also stand in the garage and look in on the ground zero reception area .

Most textures and objects in the world were taken from RWX and texture warehouses, showing how much you can create from those "built-in" building materials. I recommend checking out The Depot by Apparition for a complete list of all stock textures and objects, as well as Easty's RWX Warehouse. Building with these materials has the added benefit of not being as slow on people's older computers. However, I did use a considerable amount of portals and custom textures that may still make this world a bit heftier to stream than others.

Grab some popcorn
If you're interested in joining us for weekly movie nights where we joke around, discuss the movie, and sometimes learn some movie trivia, then come on by Tuesdays at 7:30pm EST, 6:30pm CST/Mexico, 8:30pm Argentina, 11:30pm GMT! You can find us at the worldsmark below or by teleporting to DrFrasierCrane


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Link: Worlds Events Discord (get pinged when events are happening!)


very fun, favorite place!
Jun 8th, 2022 at 3:23 pm