Apr 4th, 2024 at 9:06 pm

Our Traveler server is up! You can check its status on our status page: https://status.worlio.com/

How to install?

The page linked above has links to download the installer. Traveler should work fine on any modern Windows system, and runs under Linux WINE well. If you are having issues due to olsdk2.dll, install mfc42.

If you are having trouble, try changing compatibility mode to Windows XP (Windows) or using a 32-bit WINE prefix (Linux).

How to join?

You can use our server by joining a world already attached to our server. If you don't know any, you should head to our Onlive Utopia archive by pasting the link into your client.

How to add your server to my world?

You can append this to your DSV file contents.
DSpace_Server {
 fields [ SFString server, SFString url ]
 server "worlio.com"
 url "http://example.org/myworld.dsv"

Override all worlds

If you want to stick to a single server, you can edit C:\Windows\dstrav.ini and append these values:

I cannot connect!

Our server isn't perfect and may want to crash or bug-out from time to time. You can let me know if it does this by contacting me: mailto:wirlaburla@worlio.com, xmpp:wirlaburla@worlio.com, or by sending me a Worlio letter through our site message system.

Let us know if you have any troubles.