Feb 7th, 2024 at 4:50 pm
Since the beginning of time (for Worlio), our blogpost system has been for anything new, interesting, or neat to share with everyone. This has includes updates, interviews, virtual world discoveries, archival finds, anything that stands out. It's been a mix mash, so I thought it was about time we improve it.

If you haven't noticed, the 'Blog' button on the navigation bar has been replaced with 'News'. We aren't just renaming the Blog to 'News' (again), this is our brand new digital Newspaper, with it's writers and editors being the Worlio community. The Worlio News will feature threads of interesting and news-worthy note in an article-like fasion, creating a single place for any archival of our kind. Making an article is simple: Make a thread and make it good enough to get a feature. If your thread has potential, you might be messages by one of our staff to spiff it up. Make sure to post it in the correct board.

Our blog system has been retired in favor of the Announcements board on our forum. Every blogpost and its comments have been turned into forum threads and posts. You'll find a lot around if you dig.