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Created by sneed
Jan 10th, 2023 at 5:49 pm

did I make people mad?
Jan 11th, 2023 at 2:13 pm
Yes, you're very good at it too. Keep it up. It's funny
Jan 13th, 2023 at 5:52 pm
It's really just one idiot that went on a mass DMing spree on Twitter about it.
Jan 15th, 2023 at 6:11 pm
Using this thread as a dumping ground because Kyrios is one retarded motherfucker.
Spoiler: Whisper Logs
[21/12/2022 23:10:18] Kyrios: wirla, c'mon, delete that lost, both we know that it was created with harmful intent
[21/12/2022 23:10:23] Kyrios: that list*
[21/12/2022 23:11:04] Wirlaburla: It doesn't matter the intent. It doesn't break any rules, therefore I won't remove it.
[21/12/2022 23:11:26] Wirlaburla: You reaching me off-site for on-site topics is also not welcomed
[21/12/2022 23:12:06] Wirlaburla: You are free to make your own list of public names and accounts online.
[21/12/2022 23:13:34] Kyrios: it even start with an unsolicited excuse, manifest accusation, goes the latin proverb
[21/12/2022 23:14:25] Wirlaburla: Not sure what that means.
[21/12/2022 23:14:35] Wirlaburla: Or why it's so important.
[21/12/2022 23:14:59] Kyrios: excusatio non petita, accusatio manifesta, aka he who excuses himself, accuses himself
[21/12/2022 23:15:15] Kyrios: back to the core of the matter
[21/12/2022 23:15:30] Wirlaburla: There is no matter.
[21/12/2022 23:15:47] Kyrios: what will happen if more people discover the existence of that list hosted in worlio?
[21/12/2022 23:15:53] Wirlaburla: Nothing.
[21/12/2022 23:16:30] Wirlaburla: It's just a list of peoples twitter handles and Gofundme names. I may not agree with it but it's publicly available information.
[21/12/2022 23:16:49] Wirlaburla: It breaks zero rules on Worlio. That will not change.
[21/12/2022 23:17:28] Kyrios: then, will you bother if I make it public?
[21/12/2022 23:17:52] Wirlaburla: I will not care. Only if it breaks rules will I care.
[21/12/2022 23:17:55] Kyrios: in worlds discord community and sending it to keffals?
[21/12/2022 23:18:20] Wirlaburla: I don't care.
[21/12/2022 23:18:58] Wirlaburla: That's not my place. Off-site communities are none of my business.
[21/12/2022 23:23:34] Kyrios: are you sure that you don't have any problem if other worlds users knows about a doxxing list that can be accesed through worlio, and thay you are reluctant to delete the link? we can end easily this
[21/12/2022 23:23:34] Kyrios: thorny issue without anyone else knowing
[21/12/2022 23:23:48] Wirlaburla: You have no idea what doxing is.
[21/12/2022 23:24:22] Wirlaburla: And your attempts to threaten me are not going to work. I'll moderate my site how I want to moderate my site.
[21/12/2022 23:24:33] Kyrios: kiwifarms is responsible of doxxing people to suicide
[21/12/2022 23:24:42] Wirlaburla: Okay? I don't care about offsite activities.
[21/12/2022 23:24:46] Kyrios: i am not even exaggerating
[21/12/2022 23:25:10] Wirlaburla: Did this guy make people hold a gun to peoples head on Worlio?
[21/12/2022 23:25:19] Wirlaburla: No? Okay, then he broke no rules.
[21/12/2022 23:28:19] Kyrios: we both know that it is morally wrong
[21/12/2022 23:28:22] Kyrios: very morally wrong
[21/12/2022 23:29:40] Wirlaburla: I do not care. As I said, I'll moderate my site the way I want to.
[21/12/2022 23:29:55] Wirlaburla: You find me any evidence of any rule breaking this user has done ON-SITE, then we can talk.
[21/12/2022 23:30:05] Wirlaburla: Until then, this discussion is over.
[21/12/2022 23:30:08] Kyrios: i know that a random guy telling you how to moderate worlio is very annoying, but both know that keeping that list in worlio is not the correct solution
[21/12/2022 23:30:23] Wirlaburla: This discussion is over.
[21/12/2022 23:30:40] Kyrios: please, reconsider
[21/12/2022 23:33:23] Wirlaburla: No matter how much you repeat how bad you feel it is, nothing will change and no rules have been broken on the site.
[21/12/2022 23:34:16] Kyrios: we both don't want bring unnecesary drama to another people, but you can't simply tell me to ignore that pile of garbage that it is hosted in worlio, i am trying to even save the reputation of worlio,
[21/12/2022 23:34:16] Kyrios: that's why i am talking to you
[21/12/2022 23:36:09] Wirlaburla: No rules have been broken on the site.
[21/12/2022 23:36:22] Wirlaburla: This discussion is over and this is the last time I'll say this.
[21/12/2022 23:36:25] Kyrios: i wil try discussing this tomorrow, i hope we both will have a clear head and do the right thing
[21/12/2022 23:36:49] Kyrios: the other option for me is can't be ignoring this subject, sorry
[22/12/2022 19:32:48] Kyrios: pls, wirla
[22/12/2022 19:34:29] Kyrios: it contains even real names
[22/12/2022 19:34:35] Wirlaburla: Kyrios, I now understand the error of my ways. I have awaken feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and now understand the consequences. You were right all along, Kyrios.
[22/12/2022 19:34:59] Kyrios: i am sorry for bothering you with this matter
[22/12/2022 19:35:22] Wirlaburla: Just kidding, idiot. Different day doesn't mean different decisions.
[22/12/2022 19:35:47] Kyrios: we both know that list is in the verge of illegality
[22/12/2022 19:35:54] Wirlaburla: Real names that were already publicly available?
[22/12/2022 19:35:57] Wirlaburla: No, it's not.
[22/12/2022 19:36:28] Kyrios: it is used for harrasing people, yes
[22/12/2022 19:36:32] Wirlaburla: There is absolutely nothing illegal on that list and you continuing to pressure me into deleting it shows you have zero understanding of what you are talking about.
[22/12/2022 19:36:37] Kyrios: harrassing people*
[22/12/2022 19:36:43] Wirlaburla: I don't fucking care what it's used for.
[22/12/2022 19:36:50] Wirlaburla: It's none of my goddamn business.
[22/12/2022 19:37:17] Wirlaburla: If it's not illegal, it stays.
[22/12/2022 19:37:41] Kyrios: do you know that if a tragedy happens, it can be used as a proof in a court, right?
[22/12/2022 19:37:49] Wirlaburla: LOL no it can't.
[22/12/2022 19:38:10] Kyrios: lol, yes, it can
[22/12/2022 19:38:20] Wirlaburla: No it can't and you are stupid for even believing so.
[22/12/2022 19:38:31] Wirlaburla: It's a fucking list of twitter handles and GoFundMe names.
[22/12/2022 19:38:45] Wirlaburla: Things that are FUCKING PUBLIC ON THEIR RESPECTIVE SITES.
[22/12/2022 19:38:46] Kyrios: for what purporse?
[22/12/2022 19:38:55] Wirlaburla: It doesn't matter what the purpose is.
[22/12/2022 19:39:06] Wirlaburla: And even if it is used in a court, doesn't bother me.
[22/12/2022 19:39:07] Kyrios: but you know it
[22/12/2022 19:39:12] Wirlaburla: I don't fucking care.
[22/12/2022 19:39:48] Kyrios: it can blocked worlio in some countries if passive complicity is proven
[22/12/2022 19:40:03] Wirlaburla: I don't give a shit how much you try to push it, this is my site and the decision is final.
[22/12/2022 19:40:08] Wirlaburla: So fuck off.
[22/12/2022 19:40:26] Kyrios: kiwifarms was blocked in some countries, do you know?
[22/12/2022 19:40:33] Wirlaburla: IM NOT KIWIFARMS
[22/12/2022 19:40:36] Wirlaburla: My site is WORLIO.COM
[22/12/2022 19:40:45] Wirlaburla: I do not give any shits about any other site.
[22/12/2022 19:40:53] Kyrios: but you are hosting his materials for harrassing people
[22/12/2022 19:40:54] Wirlaburla: Go the FUCK away.
[22/12/2022 19:40:56] Kyrios: knowing it
[22/12/2022 19:41:13] Wirlaburla: Kyrios, you have to be the most dense motherfucker to even waltz into my whispers this retarded.
[22/12/2022 19:41:23] Kyrios: wirla, this is not correct
[22/12/2022 19:41:31] Wirlaburla: And you coming to into my whispers is some of the most petty shit.
[22/12/2022 19:41:57] Kyrios: because that thing can cause a lot of problems to worlio in the future
[22/12/2022 19:42:00] Wirlaburla: It doesn't matter how much you repeat yourself or explain how "bad it is", the decision is final. It breaks zero rules on
[22/12/2022 19:42:07] Wirlaburla: I get to decide Worlios future. Not you.
[22/12/2022 19:43:34] Kyrios: a lot the people listed are being harrased with them
[22/12/2022 19:43:39] Kyrios: starting with keffals
[22/12/2022 19:43:42] Wirlaburla: Fuck off.
[22/12/2022 19:43:49] Wirlaburla: Nothing is changing so fuck off.
[22/12/2022 19:44:02] Kyrios: don't you believe me?
[22/12/2022 19:44:28] Wirlaburla: I don't fucking care.
[22/12/2022 19:44:36] Wirlaburla: Nothing is changing no matter how hard you try.
[22/12/2022 19:46:01] Kyrios: why are you defending that?
[22/12/2022 19:49:56] Kyrios: do you have any kind of animosity against me? then say that, but i can't fucking believe that you accepts hosting a doxxing list at the expense of worlio reputation, even its' future, and knowing
[22/12/2022 19:49:56] Kyrios: perfectly that it can be used for harrasing people
[22/12/2022 19:51:35] Kyrios: i want to inform the affected people about the other five sites that are hosting that list, but the one thing that keeps me for doing that is that i don't want to have worlio involucred with this shit
[22/12/2022 19:51:48] Kyrios: involved with this shit*
[22/12/2022 19:55:47] Kyrios: believe me, i don't want any problems for worlio, that's why i am begging you to delete that, I am dragging over the floor in front of you for that, because that shit will screw worlio sooner or later
[22/12/2022 19:57:37] Kyrios: pls, delete that, and then you can block me in worlds and delete my account in worlio and banning my ip if you really hate me
Kyrios then supposedly tried contacting everybody on that persons list. I expected some chaos but it was so pathetic that I was actually disappointed at the results. Most complaints can be seen on this board. Of course, some people went to Twitter instead and we got knowledge of one out of his many Twitter handles named @ElCheChucho (doxxed or whatever).

Then Kyrios started going after the member who replied here on Worlds, and I'll let him share his convo if he wants to. It upset me to no end because not only is he going after my users, but trying to use his stupid fear mongering and stupid methods to do it. All he does is act like he knows better and goes "we both know this is wrong" and "you don't have a healthy conscious" which is very obvious when I call him out in the GroundZero chat. Dude doesn't even know what the words he throws around means.
Here comes my favorite interaction.
[13/01/2023 22:23:01] Wirlaburla: Lol imagine being so pathetic that you go after my users for not agreeing with you.
[13/01/2023 22:23:26] Kyrios: lol imagine being so pathetic for hosting doxxing lists
[13/01/2023 22:23:37] Wirlaburla: I'm not hosting a doxxing list.
[13/01/2023 22:23:42] Kyrios: yeah, sure
[13/01/2023 22:23:47] Wirlaburla: Where is the doxxing?
[13/01/2023 22:24:00] Kyrios: you can ask the people listed
[13/01/2023 22:24:03] Kyrios: about that
[13/01/2023 22:24:18] Wirlaburla: Oh yeah, about that... where are the other emails?
[13/01/2023 22:24:20] Kyrios: i don't want to discuss about that, wirla
[13/01/2023 22:24:29] Wirlaburla: I've been sitting here since after Christmas waiting for more but I've only gotten 4.
[13/01/2023 22:24:36] Kyrios: you are hosting kf material, that's it
[13/01/2023 22:24:44] Wirlaburla: I don't care what site it's from.
[13/01/2023 22:24:46] Kyrios: don't matter how you justifies it
[13/01/2023 22:24:52] Wirlaburla: Let me know when it's illegal.
[13/01/2023 22:25:03] Kyrios: it was deleted from other webs, lol
[13/01/2023 22:25:19] Wirlaburla: Should I point you to my sites Rules & Guidelines?
[13/01/2023 22:25:24] Wirlaburla: And how relaxed it is?
[13/01/2023 22:25:32] Kyrios: yeah, you changed it before
[13/01/2023 22:25:40] Wirlaburla: I didn't change it at all.
[13/01/2023 22:25:47] Wirlaburla: I worded it better.
[13/01/2023 22:26:01] Wirlaburla: Should we get back to you harassing my users because of your own agenda?
[13/01/2023 22:26:08] Kyrios: for saying that the admin doesn't have to agree with the content hosted in worlio
[13/01/2023 22:26:39] Wirlaburla: Yeah.
[13/01/2023 22:26:39] Kyrios: or do you think that the changes in your rules will be unnoticed
[13/01/2023 22:26:42] Kyrios: ?
[13/01/2023 22:27:01] Wirlaburla: I slapped them in a big button on the side. If they are unnoticed, I do not care, it is not me who is blind.
[13/01/2023 22:27:07] Kyrios: now put your excusses
[13/01/2023 22:27:11] Wirlaburla: What excuses?
[13/01/2023 22:27:34] Kyrios: for not deletting it
[13/01/2023 22:27:39] Wirlaburla: You should take a break from following all those political activists.
[13/01/2023 22:27:45] Wirlaburla: They might be getting to your head.
[13/01/2023 22:27:55] Kyrios: wirlaburla, three people have died because of kf doxxing
[13/01/2023 22:28:13] Kyrios: i am going to remind you this every time you bring the subject
[13/01/2023 22:28:13] Wirlaburla: Buddy, you show me exactly where the "doxxing" is on that page.
[13/01/2023 22:28:14] Wirlaburla: You can't.
[13/01/2023 22:28:19] Wirlaburla: There is no doxxing.
[13/01/2023 22:28:23] Kyrios: it was deleted from gitlab
[13/01/2023 22:28:26] Kyrios: github
[13/01/2023 22:28:27] Kyrios: neocities
[13/01/2023 22:28:32] Kyrios: and two more sites
[13/01/2023 22:28:35] Wirlaburla: Okay, they have stricter rules than I do.
[13/01/2023 22:28:35] Kyrios: precisely for that
[13/01/2023 22:28:47] Wirlaburla: Okay, I don't care. I'm not them.
[13/01/2023 22:28:51] Kyrios: yeah, and maybe they don't change them at convenience like your
[13/01/2023 22:28:53] Wirlaburla: I'm aware of US laws and that isn't doxing.
[13/01/2023 22:28:55] Kyrios: your*
[13/01/2023 22:29:36] Wirlaburla: Let this be known to every user in this GZ that just because somebody angry hates your content, you will not be banned from my site.
[13/01/2023 22:30:04] Wirlaburla: Thanks for being a good example for me, Kyrios.
[13/01/2023 22:30:07] Kyrios: ok, you have hosting a doxxing list from kiwifarms
[13/01/2023 22:30:39] Wirlaburla: Let it also be known to every user in this GZ that this supposed "doxxing" list is just a list of twitter handles and GoFundMe donators. Both are public on their own respective sites.
[13/01/2023 22:31:08] Kyrios: they are being investigated in australia and new zealand
[13/01/2023 22:31:33] Wirlaburla: Who? And why should I care if it's not me?
[13/01/2023 22:31:56] Kyrios: yeah, they are being investigated for very legal activities
[13/01/2023 22:31:59] Kyrios: sure
[13/01/2023 22:32:05] Wirlaburla: All you've done so far is try to fear monger me, threaten me, and tell me I'm the worst human being imaginable.
[13/01/2023 22:32:10] Kyrios: c'mon
[13/01/2023 22:32:12] Kyrios: i was silent
[13/01/2023 22:32:15] Wirlaburla: If you were in the US, I'd sue.
[13/01/2023 22:32:21] Kyrios: you was the one who start this discussion now
[13/01/2023 22:32:40] Kyrios: there's extradition law between us and spain, do it
[13/01/2023 22:32:49] Wirlaburla: You ain't worth the money.
[13/01/2023 22:33:17] Kyrios: anyway some of kf mods and admin have to migrate to countries where there's no extradition treaties with the us not nz or australia, curious
[13/01/2023 22:33:23] Kyrios: very legal acitivities
[13/01/2023 22:33:44] Kyrios: i don't want to go on with this discussion
[13/01/2023 22:33:45] Wirlaburla: I don't care what happens on KF.
[13/01/2023 22:33:54] Kyrios: ok, you are hosting their materials
[13/01/2023 22:33:56] Wirlaburla: I'm not KF, my site is Please get them right.
[13/01/2023 22:34:05] Kyrios: well, you are hosting their materials
[13/01/2023 22:34:17] Wirlaburla: I don't care if I'm hosting their material. My company is a US company.
[13/01/2023 22:34:28] Kyrios: you can perfectly change the rules to delete it, like you changed the worlio rules just a few days ago
[13/01/2023 22:34:32] Wirlaburla: I am protected by US laws and it does not break any US laws.
[13/01/2023 22:34:46] Wirlaburla: Kyrios, go ahead and make a site that people use and then change the rules on them. See how they react.
[13/01/2023 22:34:58] Kyrios: ok, but you are hosting a doxxing list from kiwifarms
[13/01/2023 22:35:09] Wirlaburla: I'm hosting a users files.
[13/01/2023 22:35:19] Kyrios: and a doxxing list from kiwifarms
[13/01/2023 22:35:30] Kyrios: why do you bother about it?
[13/01/2023 22:35:33] Wirlaburla: One of those things is false, and the other literally doesn't matter.
[13/01/2023 22:35:42] Wirlaburla: You buggin' my users.
[13/01/2023 22:35:56] Kyrios: i only ask kangang about that
[13/01/2023 22:36:00] Wirlaburla: He's my user.
[13/01/2023 22:36:22] Kyrios: i only ask him once time
[13/01/2023 22:36:28] Wirlaburla: Only this, only that.
[13/01/2023 22:36:33] Kyrios: i have talked with him for 3 minutes, yeah
[13/01/2023 22:36:39] Wirlaburla: Blah blah blah.
[13/01/2023 22:37:01] Kyrios: prove the contrary
[13/01/2023 22:37:02] Kyrios: lol
[13/01/2023 22:37:14] Wirlaburla: Okay so don't take down the perfectly fine and list of public information? Got it. Thank you.
[13/01/2023 22:37:47] Kyrios: i have absolutely no personal info about kangang and i don't want to expose it to the public
[13/01/2023 22:37:50] Kyrios: kiwifarms had
[13/01/2023 22:37:53] Kyrios: about a lot of users
[13/01/2023 22:37:57] Kyrios: people
[13/01/2023 22:37:59] Kyrios: with real names
[13/01/2023 22:38:00] Wirlaburla: We can talk after you read what "doxxing" is, know how to spell it, and finally learn you are an idiot.
[13/01/2023 22:38:18] Kyrios: literally doxxing is also a accepted word
[13/01/2023 22:38:43] Kyrios: lol
[13/01/2023 22:38:56] Wirlaburla: Oooh here is a question.
[13/01/2023 22:39:11] Wirlaburla: How come you are hosting avatars and files on a site that hosts a doxxing list?
[13/01/2023 22:39:26] Wirlaburla: Food for thought.
[13/01/2023 22:39:30] Kyrios: i am not the one hosting it
[13/01/2023 22:40:00] Wirlaburla: So you support a site that hosts a horrible doxxing list?
[13/01/2023 22:40:41] Kyrios: i am not responsible for the content the people upload, you are, you are the admin
[13/01/2023 22:40:51] Wirlaburla: I am not responsible for the content people upload either.
[13/01/2023 22:40:58] Kyrios: and you changed the rules just a few days ago
[13/01/2023 22:41:02] Wirlaburla: I didn't.
[13/01/2023 22:41:09] Kyrios: you did, lol
[13/01/2023 22:41:25] Wirlaburla: What kind of stupid are you going through to say I changed the rules?
[13/01/2023 22:41:30] Wirlaburla: The rules have been the same for ages.
[13/01/2023 22:41:52] Wirlaburla: I made a page that better explained the rules like over a week ago. Same rules, better description.
[13/01/2023 22:42:05] Kyrios: only for adding that worlio don't have to agree with the contest hosted to worlio, but you changed it
[13/01/2023 22:42:12] Kyrios: yeah, yeah
[13/01/2023 22:42:18] Wirlaburla: That isn't a new rule. That's just an explanation.
[13/01/2023 22:42:23] Kyrios: wirla, i am not the one with bad conscience
[13/01/2023 22:42:27] Wirlaburla: Yes you are.
[13/01/2023 22:42:45] Kyrios: then why are you bothering if i say that you hosted a doxxing list from kf?
[13/01/2023 22:42:45] Wirlaburla: And if you believe you aren't, you are blind my friend.
[13/01/2023 22:43:20] Wirlaburla: Because you go after my users.
[13/01/2023 22:43:22] Kyrios: you would have absolutely no problems if i say that in a public space
[13/01/2023 22:43:37] Wirlaburla: I have absolutely no problem if you say it anywhere. I don't care.
[13/01/2023 22:43:48] Kyrios: cant' i ask for that once time? for three minutes?
[13/01/2023 22:43:49] Kyrios: lol
[13/01/2023 22:44:07] Wirlaburla: Your English is faltering, my dude.
[13/01/2023 22:44:24] Wirlaburla: I am now confused on what you are saying.
[13/01/2023 22:44:31] Kyrios: yeah, i can more fluently in greek, but worlds doesn't support greek alphabeth
[13/01/2023 22:44:49] Wirlaburla: Wow good for you.
[13/01/2023 22:44:58] Kyrios: i just talked with kangang once about that, 3-5 minutes, no more
[13/01/2023 22:45:34] Wirlaburla: Okay so anyway it's not illegal, stop bugging my users, and I think we are done here.
[13/01/2023 22:45:47] Kyrios: i don't disturb him twice about that or for more time, and i don't want to do that
[13/01/2023 22:46:25] Kyrios: ok, that's not my intention, i will apologize to kangang if necessary, but it doesn't change the fact that you are hosting a doxxing list from kiwifarms
[13/01/2023 22:47:17] Wirlaburla: *Hosting a perfectly legal page from a user on Worlio that briefly mentions another site that isn't any of my concern.
[13/01/2023 22:47:29] Kyrios: ok, you are hosting a doxxing list from kiwifarms
[13/01/2023 22:47:42] Kyrios: not matter how you are excuse that
[13/01/2023 22:47:58] Wirlaburla: *Hosting a page from a user that doesn't contain any doxing whatsoever.
[13/01/2023 22:48:00] Kyrios: how you excuse that*
[13/01/2023 22:48:08] Kyrios: yeah, you can ask the people listed about that
[13/01/2023 22:48:17] Wirlaburla: They must be listed for a good reason.
[13/01/2023 22:48:18] Kyrios: especially the ones already doxed by kiwifarms
[13/01/2023 22:48:25] Kyrios: lol
[13/01/2023 22:48:36] Wirlaburla: @ElCheChucho
[13/01/2023 22:48:39] Wirlaburla: Doxed.
[13/01/2023 22:49:09] Kyrios: yeah, and?
[13/01/2023 22:49:22] Wirlaburla: You are pathetic. Now I'm done here.
[13/01/2023 22:49:31] Wirlaburla: I got things to do.
[13/01/2023 22:49:34] Kyrios: nevertheless, you are hosting kiwifarms material
[13/01/2023 22:49:53] Wirlaburla:
[13/01/2023 22:50:00] Kyrios: if you have bad concience, it's not my problem
[13/01/2023 22:50:07] Kyrios: you literally changed the rules this month, lol
[13/01/2023 22:50:25] Wirlaburla:
[13/01/2023 22:50:52] Kyrios: well, you can change them again to delete doxxing list, lol
[13/01/2023 22:51:13] Kyrios: you simply don't want to do it
Those last two messages cemented how completely dumb this idiot is. So, just to appeal to you, I should completely change my rules? How delusional you must be to not only strongly believe you have a "good conscious" but think that changing rules is the solution. If it's illegal, fucking go to the police, otherwise fuck off. He also repeatedly mentions how I "changed my rules" a few days ago, which I repeatedly tell him he's a fucking moron for. Rules have not changed and have been the same since the beginning of last year. I made a better page for them and added some notes to better explain and help understand. You'll get banned for the same things now that you would've gotten banned for last year.

Thanks for the entertainment sneed. It's hilarious.
Jan 15th, 2023 at 8:58 pm (edited)
I'll just go ahead and drop the logs here too since frankly I think this is an "issue" (if you can even call it one) that I ought to be transparent about.

If I get asked about it again there's a 50/50 chance I'll probably just fuck around and not even bother listening anymore. I thought I could try negotiating, but it became clear that simply wasn't in my cards.
[13/01/2023 17:10:48] Kyrios: wtf
[13/01/2023 17:10:56] Kyrios:
[13/01/2023 17:17:07] Kyrios: rlly?
[13/01/2023 17:23:58] kangang4014: hm?
[13/01/2023 17:24:05] kangang4014: is there a problem?
[13/01/2023 17:28:28] Kyrios: i have found it just now, ii am just dissappointed, nothing more
[13/01/2023 17:28:49] Kyrios: do you know who he is in worlds?
[13/01/2023 17:29:02] kangang4014: I already know what this is about.
[13/01/2023 17:29:23] kangang4014: He's not breaking any rules and I'm tired of you DM'ing people to try and push him off of the site
[13/01/2023 17:29:56] Kyrios: so you know him, right?
[13/01/2023 17:30:13] kangang4014: No of course not.
[13/01/2023 17:30:29] kangang4014: I don't really care either.
[13/01/2023 17:32:43] Kyrios: so you have no idea of who is sneed?
[13/01/2023 17:32:56] kangang4014: No, where are you going with this?
[13/01/2023 17:33:10] kangang4014: All I know is that you think he's a kiwifarms user and that you think he's doxxing people
[13/01/2023 17:33:34] kangang4014: I don't really care and the more you entertain the idea of trying to annoy us until he gets banned the more I'm just going to laugh at you
[13/01/2023 17:34:02] kangang4014: I'm just a regular user anyway so I'm not sure why this is of my concern.
[13/01/2023 17:34:27] Kyrios: i am just a bit relieved that you are not hanging out with a guy who is using the same username that the admin of kiwifarms
[13/01/2023 17:34:41] kangang4014: Yes because using the same username means he's the same person, totally
[13/01/2023 17:34:53] kangang4014: If i had a nickel for every person named Sneed on the internet
[13/01/2023 17:35:02] Kyrios: just the biggest of the coincidences
[13/01/2023 17:35:22] Kyrios: there's no possibility that he really is a user of kiwifarms
[13/01/2023 17:35:55] kangang4014: Getting mad at bothering random people to try and make them feel guilty, just because there's a guy who uses a website you don't like, is going to get a lot of us to dislike you.
[13/01/2023 17:36:06] kangang4014: It's not my problem and I don't want any part of it.
[13/01/2023 17:36:27] kangang4014: When I said "it's funny", this is what I was talking about. I can't take you seriously right now.
[13/01/2023 17:36:46] Kyrios: kangang, people has died because of kf's doxxing
[13/01/2023 17:36:49] kangang4014: You're not going to change my mind .
[13/01/2023 17:37:24] kangang4014: I've read into the situation for months. Kiwifarms is not a single entity. It is a website with users of varying opinions and backgrounds. The people who "died" either made it up or commited suicide
[13/01/2023 17:37:24] kangang4014: for an unrelated reason.
[13/01/2023 17:37:53] kangang4014: Kiwifarms did not dox anyone. A user on kiwifarms doxxed someone. And a lengthy list of social media handles is not doxxing.
[13/01/2023 17:38:11] Kyrios: yeah, people really loves being doxxed
[13/01/2023 17:38:22] Kyrios: rlly, kangang?
[13/01/2023 17:38:23] Kyrios: nvm
[13/01/2023 17:38:34] kangang4014: I don't care if what sneed did was wrong or right, what I care about is that this is none of our business and you shouldn't be blaming us for not caring.
[13/01/2023 17:38:56] kangang4014: Every time you try to PM someone about it it just comes off as petty and whiny
[13/01/2023 17:39:18] Kyrios: i just wanted to verify if you hangs out with him or not
[13/01/2023 17:39:20] kangang4014: What he's doing isn't illegal and there's nothing we can or should do about it. If you don't like that, it's best you leave it alone.
[13/01/2023 17:39:48] kangang4014: If you continue to try and make us look like villains then I'm not going to take you seriously.

(I attempted to end conversation here by disabling whispers for a few minutes)

[13/01/2023 21:54:11] Kyrios: &|+where?
[13/01/2023 21:54:21] Kyrios: &|+where? (teleports/whispers I did not see)
[13/01/2023 21:58:56] Kyrios: &|+where?
I got tired pretty quickly of him trying to immediately jump on the theory that I was somehow friends with sneed just because I was advocating for his rights. Twitter normies fucking love to pull the guilt-by-association thing all the time. That's not a valid argument, when will they learn?
Mar 13th, 2023 at 10:41 pm
I am actually the original author of that list, I wasn't the one who mirrored it here though. Either way, this is a very funny thread. Glad it brought you entertainment.
Mar 13th, 2023 at 11:00 pm
I am actually the original author of that list, I wasn't the one who mirrored it here though. Either way, this is a very funny thread. Glad it brought you entertainment.
Welcome aboard.
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