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Changelog 25/08/21
Created by Wirlaburla
Aug 25th, 2021 at 3:08 pm (edited)
August 25th, 2021 marks a big change in the site design and style on the community system, and adds a ton of refinement and features to the overall set. This update has been in the works for over a month now, and it's nice to finally see it up. Thanks to all our donators for making it possible.

  • Navigation bar has been improved.
  • The far left contains your username, icon, and unread message count.
  • Hovering over it or tapping on it on mobile will show you more buttons
  • Things specific to you or what you view will show up in that list
  • Users not logged in (or guests) will see one labeling them as a "Guest" with the sign in and register options.
  • Sessions have gotten an overhaul
  • You are no longer logged out after a certain number of time and/or on browser close.
  • You can manage all sessions via the Session Manager in Settings.
  • Remember Password option is still available, but discouraged.
  • User icons are now completely separate from role.
  • Online Users
  • You can toggle the invisible check in Settings if you do not want to be seen as online.
  • Worlio is always online, always watching.
  • Friendslist/Blocklist
  • Add users to your friendslist to see them along the sidebar on your Dashboard
  • Blocked users cannot see your profile, send you nudges, or message you.
  • Friends you add will get informed of what you think of them.
  • Dashboard improvements
  • While still pretty empty, there is now more use to the home page.
  • Holds greeting, Friendslist, Users Online, the Newest Member, and the recent news.
  • News gets it's own pages
  • Posts are now in Markdown, making this very post possible.
  • Members is now searchable
  • In order to prevent a heavy amount of users being loaded for the page, you now much search for members.
  • Makes friendslist all that much more important.
  • Settings overhauled
  • Way more organized
  • Holds Friendslists, Blocklist, and the Session manager too.
  • A new notes addition, just in case you want to leave info somewhere. Nobody else can see your notes but you.
  • Profile redesign
  • Much more screen realestate is now given to the user.
  • Profiles are confined.
  • Separate stylesheets!
  • Nudges have returned!
  • You may only send one nudge every 24 hours.
  • Blocked users cannot nudge you.
  • Settings now shows a realtime updated nudge button.
  • Mail Overhaul
  • Inbox/Outbox are now tabbed containers.
  • Messages are neatly organized and paged.
  • Files Overhaul
  • Layout is entirely changed
  • You can now browse in your choice of list, bar, or grid view.
  • Uploader is a lot more user-friendly when it comes to displaying information
  • Pages such as Upload, Create Folder, Rename, and Delete are much more pleasant to view.
  • Common bugs of improper redirections are fixed.
  • Top bar with the buttons also displays the current directory and their parents, allowing you to navigate far back.
  • Can now preview files in the manager itself.
  • Text editor now has preview options: Plaintext, Markdown, HTML, or JSON.
  • Easily delete or modify a file through the context menu by right-clicking.
  • Much cleaner to use
  • Total space is no longer dependant on role.
  • Youtube embedding!
  • <media type="youtube" src=""></media>
  • Currently supported types are 'youtube' for Youtube videos, and 'ytplaylist' for Youtube Playlists.
  • Works for mail and profiles.
Staff members also have gotten a huge overhaul to the panel and it's options, including way more flexibility when managing settings and permissions.

For Donators

Please confirm so by messaging me (Wirlaburla) your Paypal transaction code (of atleast $5) so I can double your amount of file space. If you want, you can also request for a custom icon for your user, restrictions being that it cannot look like staff icons and it must be 16x16.

Upcoming features

You may have noticed the Forum page is still "Coming soon" and it very much is. There are still tons to do and they are being worked on now. Another feature being worked on is a live chat feature. The idea is to have public chats apart of the site. You can create chatrooms and other users can enter those chatrooms and talk about things. These features are still being developed and may change over time before release, but they are priorities so expect them.

Other ideas are being thrown around, such as a drawing board that will be in development after the previously mentioned features release. We aren't done yet.

Note on Javascript

You'll notice this huge update has a lot more Javascript than usual, and it's because it uses such. Tabs for instance rely on Javascript in order for the selection to be made. I always have a problem using Javascript for more of appearance than functionality, but this is a case of functionality.

I am heavily against using things like jQuery unless absolutely necessary, and there is one instance where it's used, but it's been the only instance, and that is the file upload. Other than that, everything uses vanilla Javascript coded by me.

If you have any bugs or issues, please message me (Wirlaburla) about it. Feedback is also very much appreciated.

Aug 27th, 2021 at 12:41 am
Great job! Excited to see what the future brings! :3
Aug 28th, 2021 at 4:01 pm
Отличная работа
Dec 12th, 2022 at 7:16 pm
This site has come a long way.
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