Apr 29th, 2023 at 1:43 am (edited)

The Worlio Wiki is our collaborative encyclopedia on the old net. We archive and preserve a lot of content, and the details and history of such content should also be in that list, and that is the goal of the new Wiki. Whether it be early chats, 3D software, web browsers, or anything else on our minds, it should be important to document the history of such just as much as we preserve their existence. It should be relatively easy to use if you've ever worked with any wiki before. Anybody can submit an edit, but only users may create a page, upload media, or delete. If you intend to contribute more than a sentence, I highly recommend you create a user account on the wiki. Any good-willed contributions are appreciated, and discussion is encouraged.

We made sure to make this wiki reliable and easily preservable, using DokuWiki for it's insanely simple text-based back-end. This means in the very very rare instance we ever do shut-down, preserving and migrating this Wiki along with our entire archival catalogue should be relatively easy.

NOTE: The account system of Worlio and the wiki are two different systems. Because of such, your Worlio account will not work with the wiki and you will need to make a new one for the wiki.